Art Smart logoHi! I’m Lorina, The Art Smart Lady. I have had a small studio in Bryans Road, MD known as Art Smart studio since 2007. I believe the language of the arts is what keeps us together as a society. I make it my life’s work to inspire and encourage Creative Beauty. We have taught art at our studio, homeschool co-ops, in public venues, like the county fair or town hall, in private homes, community centers, churches and many other business establishments.Spring 2015 Bio picture Lorina

Most recently, we have begun to expand our reach by partnering with local restaurants and other venues to hold “Art Smart Visual Art Parties.” These are events normally held on an off day, or time, at the venue, where the patron may purchase food and drinks, and still have the entertainment with the aid of an instructor helping them create art masterpieces.

With many years of international instructing experience, and working with people of all types, we absolutely love the new partnering piece.

We hope to connect with you as an event participant, or as a venue partner. Please give us a call at 240-258-7758. You can also go to our “Contact Us” page to register or request a partnership with us.

Thank you, and continue being brilliant!

Love and Peace,

Lorina, The Art Smart Lady